PRO TIPS: "Guiding the viewer experience"- by Lauryn Danae, Entertainment Designer

Lauryn Bremner,   Entertainment Designer

Lauryn Bremner, Entertainment Designer

"When you create a visual narrative, you decide how the viewer feels, when they feel and how intensely they feel it.

Think of how a magician performs an illusion.

The magician directs your attention, draws you in, gets you invested... and when they feel the moment is right, they have a grand reveal! Taking your audience through a film or tv show is a series of similar illusions. If done successfully, you'll never know they're there. Understanding the basic and universal things that speak to our subconscious is the first step to making an emotional impact with your art. The basic shapes discussed in the lecture notes touch on how to place figures in a composition, but what I love is that the placement is based on how humans respond to shapes. When you discover the elements that draw your audience in, you learn to steer them through a sea of ups and downs, however you'd like them to experience it. 

These concepts may seem abstract, but when you start to see them in your everyday life, you start to make the connections in your mind as to why these things make us feel they way they do. 

Art for entertainment is a constant practice of people watching, behavioral observation, and seeking out what makes people react. It is to be academic, to understand how things are made, why they're made, and who they're made for. Entertainment art is to draw from your observation and personal experience to create a world where people can look into it and see themselves. The idea that art can reach the masses in this way is what makes me so passionate about it. There are endless things to learn and endless ways to tell your story!"

Notes from Lauryn's education at the Art Center College of Design