Ted Chang


Born and raised in the 626 of Southern California, Ted Chang first discovered the world of music and motion when he joined his middle school marching band. Since then, Ted has been a part of the pageantry arts as both a performer, and now a teacher/designer. He is currently the visual caption head for Arcadia High School, and Cerritos High School. Other than teaching, Ted is also an active drill writer, and visual choreographer. During the Winter season, Ted designs and teaches for many indoor ensembles including Arcadia World, El Dorado, and RCC. Ted marched in Pacific Crest from 2010-2011, before joining and aging out from the Blue Devils from 2012-2015. He was also a member of the RCC percussion ensemble in 2016. Besides the pageantry arts, Ted is also involved in the urban dance scene as a student of the culture.