Rafael Tapia Jr.


Rafael Tapia Jr is a freelancing musician in the greater Los Angeles area playing in pit orchestras, cover bands, jazz bands, recording studios as well as teaching Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and Oboe both privately and in ensemble settings. Rafael had the pleasure of graduating from a local high school in Baldwin Park, California and attended Citrus Community College before transferring to Azusa Pacific University to begin his undergraduate bachelor of music degree in music education. During his time in college Rafael has had the opportunity to study with Bill Hoehne, Dan Silva, Dave Thomasson, Rusty Higgins, Heather Millet, Laura Stoutenborough, Michelle Zukovsky, Shannon-Rose Canchola Limon, and Ted Sugata. After graduating with his degree in Music Education, Rafael Is determined to work as a Band Director and simultaneously hold a professional performing career.