Michel’le Baptiste

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Michel’le Baptiste is a drummer and vocalist from Houston, Texas. She started playing drums at the age of 2yrs old following her dad footsteps as a drummer she began playing drums at church, school, and gigs.

Since then, she has fallen in love with music and doesn’t plan on stopping making music. "She's a graduate of the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s of Music in Professional Music where she studied under Kim Plainfield. Neil Smith, Terri Lynn Carrington, Skip Hadden, Conrad Johnson, Jackie Santos, Tony T.T. Smith, Henrique De Almeida and Joey Oscar. Michel'le has performed with Ashley Rodriguez, Harvey Mason, Harry Belafonte, Lisa McClendon, Dorinda Clark, Richard Smallwood and Pastor Brian Hurst and more.

Some of her many awards include the North American Scholarship Tour for Berklee College of Music Awards: All State Jazz Band 2006-2008, North Texas State Jazz Festival 2007, UIL State Division 2005-2006, University Houston Outstanding Musician Award, Conrad Johnson Award, North Texas State Outstanding Solo Award 2007, Texas Southern University Summer Jazz Workshop Award 2007, Baylor College Musicianship Award 2006, University of Houston Solo Award 2006.

She is currently on tour with mega Pop group, Fifth Harmony.

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